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  • Order Alprazolam Online From Canada - Can I Buy Xanax From Canada

    I contacted you a couple of years ago for help. I had a serious hair loss problem and I was very upset. You helped by advising me to take Alfalfa & Kelp and MSM. What a difference. Many thanks. My life is so much better now.

    Terry (Wolverhampton)

  • Experts in health since the 1970's

    I have ordered from you for over 27 years and never been disappointed with the quality of the products or your service. I started buying sports products from you when you were based in Blackpool. Now I am older I have moved on to buying your Glucosamine for my aching bones. I must say I have bought other brands and not all have given the relief that yours do. Obviously until one of your staff explained that there are many grades (cheap to expensive grades) that you as manufacturers buy that I understood why one would work and one not. You kindly sent me a copy of the Lancet Report which I have read many times. It is with great thanks to you and your staff for their help and your high quality product that I have my mobility back, Jannine Harvey

    Jannine Harvey

  • I have been buying from Ultimate Nutrition for 23 years

    My name is David Feldman and I have been buying supplements for about 23 years from Ultimate Nutrition and all that time I have received courteous and friendly attention whenever I have placed an order. Also the products really do work because I actually feel them working. I am in my seventies and Ultimate Nutrition have helped me stay fit and healthy and young at heart. You can publish this testimonial anywhere you want because you deserve it. Warmest regards David


  • A great service



  • Fantastic Deals and offers

    I have ordered from Ultimate-Nutrition for many years. Thank you for keeping me up to date with Club News and offers in the form of e-mails, newsletters, magazines and offers. I and my friends have learnt more from your articles and your book Ultimate Nutrition for All Sports (than the owner of the gym we train in) and saved hundreds of pounds just by buying from you. Great products, service and quality. Thanks Glyn. My mates send their thanks too.


  • We are a company that is PCI DSS compliant

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This means that we take very seriously our job to keep your card details protected online when you order with us. In a morning all orders are downloaded from the SECURE SITE, processed and then all paperwork that shows card information is shredded.


  • Thank you for your politness, efficiency and speed of delivery

    Dear Vivienne, I thought I just had to email you to thank you for your politness, efficiency and speed of delivery of the products that I have purchased from you on many occasions, it is a delight to do business with you. Regards, John PFC Westwood

    John PFC Westwood

  • Creata-Drive - like Rocket Fuel and what he says about Beta Ecdysterone.

    Hi, Many years ago maybe 15 years ago I remember using your supplements and as time went on and I got picked for my country I started using what all the others did when we got picked up of sponsors, so you leave and sometimes forget, it was the other week and I was looking for beta edcysterone and your site popped up I still didn't recognise it but when it arrived and the old paper with list on come I remembered it made my day! I remember at the time creata tabs were like rocket fuel for me and prob not ever found one to match it so I've been using the beta and they're the bollocks, so thanks a lot I just fancied sharing story. Have a awesome day.

    Paul Maiden

  • Thank you for explaining your telephone system

    I was struggling to get through on the 'phone to place my order. When I did get through a young lady said that you have a number of lines going into the office, and if those lines are already in use, then I would reach the answer-machine (which I did, but didn't like to leave a message), and if I hear the engaged tone, then that means the lines are busy, someone is already leaving a message on the answer-machine, then I know to try again. By the way I do leave a message and you have returned my call and very promptly too. Thank you for explaining.

    Jeff T Warley