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Take Ultimate-Nutrition PRIMASORB with a meal, the stomach allows almost all the nutrients to be absorbed. In short Ultimate-Nutrition PRIMASORB helps your body to absorb most of the nutrients you eat.proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats...

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To build muscle, stamina and strength you need protein and amino acids, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, etcetera, and they are just the basics. After that there are various other items which have some effect on the body.

Now, true as it is that diet plays a major role in successful bodybuilding and in sport, there is one thing in all of this which is really the bottom line:

  • No matter how good your diet is.
  • How much protein you take
  • How wide ranging your intake of vitamins and minerals

The most important aspect is, not what you eat, but what your body actually absorbs.

Only what your body absorbs can be used to build muscle. It is a known fact, that no one completely absorbs and uses everything they eat. The level of nutrients actually utilised varies from person to person. Some absorb a great deal, others not that much.

If for example you eat a protein meal which supplies 40 grammes of protein, your system might only absorb 20 grammes, maybe more, possibly less. The greatest problem here is you just don’t know. You may suspect that you are not absorbing much, because you are not gaining much from your training. Even eating more won’t alter the situation. If you are not absorbing very well what you eat now, it is not likely you will absorb more, by increasing your intake.

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