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  • Faster Muscle Growth
  • Increase in Strength
  • Increase Size, endurance
  • Increase Power
  • Maintains a Healthy Immune System
  • Repairs Cells
  • Classed as a Super Food
  • A major source of Vitamin B
  • Contains the vital Cytochrome P-450
  • A Super-food

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Alprazolam Online Europe, Alprazolam Where To Buy


Immune & Cell Builder essential for maintaining and repair. Stress causes the hormone Cortisol to be released into the blood stream, which then suppresses the production of Essential Nucleotide Formula for faster muscle growth, strength, size and power.

Helps to maintain a healthy Immune System and repair cells.

From the very moment you were conceived in your mother’s womb you needed Nucleotides. Nucleotides are the building blocks or DNA. DNA is your genes which are essential for every living organism. The way your body creates new cells is for each cell in your body called the ‘mother cell’ is to divide and make two more cells. The ‘daughter cells’ each then divide and create two more cells. This process is going on as I write and you read. By the time you have read this article, millions of cells within your body will have divided and created new cells. The way that your body creates new cells is by dividing one cell into two. Each cell then needs two more new strands of DNA which is formed by Nucleotides.

Nucleotides are found in various foods that we eat. The likes of organ meats such as liver and tripe, yeast, beef and oily fish have high amounts of Nucleotides, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine and L-Glycine are very important for Nucleotide production.

You need a daily supply of the nutriments that I have mentioned above so that you get the benefit of a continual supply of Nucleotides to enable you to grow.  Without plenty of Nucleotides in your daily diet your progress to sporting and bodybuilding success will be greatly stunted. Thousands of bodybuilders and sports people fail, by not realizing they are compromising their daily growth by not getting enough Nucleotides in their diet.

In a normal person most body cells make enough Nucleotides for normal repair and on going body progresses, but it is a different kettle of fish when a hard training sports person puts their body under increased stress. That’s when the need for Nucleotides rises sharply and when this stress is continued over a period of time the body then suffers a potential health threat because of its inability to produce white blood cells which in turn lowers the body’s’ natural immune defences. Stress causes the hormone Cortisol to be released into the blood stream, which then suppresses the production of vital immune cells, which left unchecked will undermine the immune system.

Immune Cells are dependant on Nucleotides because DNA has to be formed by Nucleotides before new cells can be formed. You can see how important a diet rich in foods that contain Nucleotides are and how vital for your health and continued sporting and bodybuilding success, because most bodybuilders and sports people who don’t eat organ meats and yeast as part of their daily diet they are missing out on the most valuable sources of Nucleotides and by doing so they are compromising their ability to grow more cells to increase their muscle size, growth, strength and endurance.

So that you don’t compromise your potential and to help you get the necessary nutriments for nucleotides production Ultimate-Nutrition have the perfect solution, which is a combination of Desiccated Liver, Brewers Yeast, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine and L-Glycine.


Absorption is everything and Nucleotides have a great part to play in the absorption of nutriments to grow your muscles.


Take 4 tablets, 4 times daily, (16 tablets daily) of this super food supplement for day to day improvement and it is certainly a formula that is recommended for increasing faster growth, size and power.


Brewer's Yeast Powder (Dried), Desiccated Liver Powder, Pharmaceutical Grade L-Glutamine, L-Glycine


Magnesium Stearate (vegetable), Klucell Nutra D

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

  • Gluten Free
  • Gelatin Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Salt Free
  • Lactose Free
  • No banned substance
  • No preservatives
  • Artificial Colour or flavour
  • No starch, corn milk, or soya.



To be used in conjunction with a varied diet.
Keep sealed and store in a dry, cool place.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not use if seal is broken.