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A bundle of 5 superb products, all intended to increase Protein.

  • Prof. Whey Isolate Protein 2000g
  • 90+ Advanced Protein 1000g
  • Pure Pharma. Grade Ctreatine Mono 600g
  • Desiccated Liver with Heamo. Iron 600 tablets
  • Testo-Power 100 tablets

Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale, Ordering Xanax From Mexico

  • A fast Release Protein
  • 90+ Protein to cover you for 7 hours
  • Liver is high in Protein
  • Creatine builds energy
  • Testo-Power increases strength

Ordering Xanax From Canada

By buying this product you can collect up to £ 3.09 with our loyalty program. Your cart will total £ 3.09 that can be converted into a voucher.

£ 123.47

Alprazolam Online Reviews Online Xanax Overnight Shipping

All cards and Paypal accepted
All cards and Paypal accepted

More info

This offer is worth £197.54, Yours for £148.16 Saving 25% 

What these Products do:
The Professional Whey Protein Isolate is Micro Filtered & Ultra Filtered.  Take directly after a training session.  (On non training days can be taken at any time)

90+Advanced Protein, contains three proteins for slow, medium & fast release.  This product is an ideal protein to take just before retiring to bed as it will 'drip feed' the body with a protein source as you sleep. (Remember, your body is still working as you sleep.)

Desiccated Liver with Haemoglobin Iron* is classed as a 'super food'.  It contains Cytochrome-P450.  It is high in protein and provides a fantastic energy source.  It is packed with Vitamin B's.

Testo-Power also increases testosterone levels and sex drive. Take 3 per day

Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Creatine Monohydrate improves energy levels.  Add to your protein drinks.


Prof. Whey Isolate Protein 2000g

90+ Advanced Protein 1000g

Pure Pharma. Grade Ctreatine Mono 600g

Desiccated Liver with Heamo. Iron 600 tablets

Testo-Power 100 tablets

This combined offer is worth £197.54

Yours for £148.16

A huge 25% saving

SAVE £49.38


* If you take Brewers Yeast with Desiccated Liver you will find they provide you with a balance of the vitamin B group. Take on a 2:1 ratio.

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