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Welcome, Ultimate Nutrition has been established since 1978, with the launch of The Book 'Ultimate Nutrition for All Sport', written by Arthur Fairhurst & Bernard Beverley, revised many times.

The newly revised edition of the Ultimate Nutrition Book for all Sports is now available, along with a ‘Limited Edition’ run which Arthur Fairhurst has signed (which you can still order today).

Bernard Beverley started life in marketing and sales with General Foods, with a permanent interest in Health, Training and Nutrition to this day.

Arthur Fairhurst

As a boy, he was on Liverpool and Everton's books, and he was Cross Country Champion.

Arthur Fairhurst trained as a Graphic Designer, went on to compete & win in top level Weight Lifting Competitions for his country, at different weights, then into Bodybuilding, eventually, he came 2nd in The Mr Universe when Arnold Schwarzenegger came 1st. Arthur went on to study Diet and Nutrition, worked for the Calderdale Hospital Service as a Dietician and trained Doctors in nutrition & diet, then was ‘head hunted’ by the Education Service and was one of the youngest people to be promoted to Ministry Catering Advisor for Northern Ireland, in which he was involved in the build of the catering block, from just a field, for the University.

Continually Training and researching over the years, he decided to open his own Health Studio as he wanted to pass on his knowledge and help other people achieve their goals. It was at this time that his clients, training colleagues and fellow competitors kept asking questions on Diet, Training, Nutrition and Steroids. With this in mind Arthur & Bernard wrote The Book - Ultimate Nutrition for all Sport, which has sold over 1.5 million copies.

More books followed and some for specific sports or ailments. There are many titles in the range, so please take a look at the Books section.

Arthur Fairhurst & Bernard Beverley were inundated with questions of where readers could obtain the products that appeared in The Book and that is how the Company, Ultimate Nutrition began.

Arthur & Bernard developed a highly successful company by specifically formulating product for the sports person. They are known as ‘innovators’ and ‘ahead of their time’ in product development. They promote & sell nutritional products such as Professional Whey Isolates, Professional Weight Gain Powders and Professional Energy products, everything a sportsperson requires.

Arthur Fairhurst continued to research and develop, with the help of Chemists and Scientist throughout the world, new products. The highly successful range consists of Herbal Products; GLUCOSAMINE 1000mg, MSM, Prostate Formula, of which ULTIMATE NUTRITION is known as one of the LEADING BRANDS for Sport and general supplements for promoting good health and well being.

The latest emphasis being on the incredible weight loss product; PHASEOLIN’

Phaseolin, the Starch & Carblocker, blocks up to 65-75% of the Carbohydrate from any one meal. This is the latest product which will help anyone lose weight WITHOUT HAVING TO CHANGE THEIR DIET!! Arthur has attended seminars in Geneva to find out just how this works on the body. It is amazing!

Ultimate Nutrition products are manufactured in Pharmaceutical Grade, state of the art Manufacturing Suites. Only the highest grade of raw materials are sourced, purchased and used in the manufacture of The Ultimate Nutrition Product Range.

Ultimate Nutrition is a well recognised brand.

Ultimate-Nutrition is available directly online and in selected Health Food Shops, Gymnasiums, Sports Clubs, & Chemists. Ultimate-Nutrition Glucosamine 1000mg is recommended by Osteopathic Clinics and Chiropractors throughout the UK, and is available on prescription and in |Harley Street, London.

Arthur Fairhurst has travelled the world lecturing on nutrition, diet, and training in order to convey just how important it is to take the correct combinations of food supplements, whether you are at the top of your sport as a competing bodybuilder, weight-lifter or athlete, in your chosen sport, or simply enjoy participating in sport at the weekend or you need to improve the quality of your diet, and do so by using supplements for improved health and well being.

Please remember the adage: You get what you pay for!

There are a lot of inferior products in the market place. Arthur Fairhurst believes in ethics, and only puts the name of Ultimate Nutrition to products that really do work. He believes in giving value for money, which certainly you will agree with, when you buy from ULTIMATE NUTRITION.

How Being a Member Of Ultimate Nutrition Benefits You

Dear Member

Every time you buy an Ultimate-Nutrition product you can be assured that the purchase meets with my highest standards. Nothing is compromised. Buying your first product from Ultimate Nutrition automatically enrols you as a Member.  

We asked our Members' was there something we were not doing which they would like to see us to do on the new website.  A few things we have put into place for you as per your recommendations:

1.  When you 'REFER A FRIEND' and they make their first purchase you will be rewarded

2.  Every time you order you will earn points which can be converted into money and used against a future online order.

3.  A comparision feature to allow you to compare products.

4.  Trade clients can now also order online.

I and all the Ultimate-Nutrition sponsored Bodybuilders, sportsmen and women take their daily supplements from the very same batches of capsules, tablets and powders that you take on a daily basis.

I want you to have the same success that I and all the other Ultimate-Nutrition champions are having and have had over the 30 years that Ultimate-Nutrition has had the honour of supplying millions of professional and amateur bodybuilders, sports people in every sport, rugby, football, tennis, swimming, cycling, athletes, weight lifters, mountain climbers, just to name a few and of course the general public who also want to be fit and free from their aches and pains.

From time to time I have advised you and all of our other thousands of members about the benefits of certain sports supplements, the likes of L-Arginine Nitric Oxide (NO), Ecdysterone, Whey Protein, Glucosamine, Marine Collagen and Nucleotides and so on.

I have explained to you that although it has been scientifically proven that there super supplements really do work, they will only do so if taken in their right amounts and at the right time during the day. Some only work when taken hourly with protein, some work best at night when you are going to bed, the one thing you can be certain of is that I have followed the research and worked with the researchers on sports and general nutrition for health for over 40 years and I only recommend the ingredients and products that work.

If a single herb for instance, the likes of Milk Thistle works on its own I don’t try to baffle you with science by adding other ingredients to it, unless those ingredients are going to promote better results. I feel very proud when someone like you buys an Ultimate-Nutrition product because I know that here is someone else who I am helping to achieve his or her ambition to improve themselves and hopefully become a champion.

Yours in health Arthur & Vivienne Fairhurst

PS: During trialling a new product Members only may be invited to try them out first and they are not for release to the sporting public at large. A product on trial may come to you with a temporary label on the bottle or the pack, which means that you are amongst the first to hear about a new product, you have my assurance that the product in the pack or bottle is the very best that money can buy. 

I said earlier that nothing but the best is good enough for my Members. In the end it is the results that they get that motivates others to buy Ultimate-Nutrition.