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5.1 We aim to deliver as stated on the site or in the Ultimate Nutrition information. However delivery days quoted are expected delivery dates only. Ultimate Nutrition shall not be held liable for any delays caused except to the extent caused wilfully or negligently by Ultimate Nutrition.

5.2 There will be an additional carriage fee for customers ordering outside the UK, and outer most areas in Scotland. This charge you will be advised of on your first order, thereafter accepted as confirmed, prior to Ultimate Nutrition taking payment except for Eire and Northern Ireland where there will be an additional £5.00 taken on top of the gross figure of your order to send over to these two places. The order will not be processed until your authorisation has been received.

5.3 National Shipping
We currently offer national deliveries via Royal Mail, Interlink Express and Interparcel and can offer other courrier services including ParcelForce at a rate to be negotiated at time of ordering.

Via Royal Mail 
We offer an economy service using Royal Mail for anything up to 960g. The price is decided on the total weight of the order and there are 16 price bands. 

Items can be sent using recorded delivery so a signature is required and can take 1-4 working days to arrive. Please note the maximum compensation for loss of goods is £28 and the package must be missing for 15 working days from the date sent. You cannot track this parcel.

Via Courier Service
We are able to ship parcels via courier, currently Interlink Express to the UK mainland*; this is an express delivery next working day. Parcelforce 24 is also next working day and Parcelforce 48hr can take 1-3 working days (this is dependent on if the order needs to be made to order) and there will be a 24 hour delivery charge on top of our normal UK charge.

The tracking number can be obtained by contacting 01995 641008 which will be known once your order has been dispatched. With Interlink Express a tracking number will be provided to your email address.

The current pricing for national deliveries is: 

Current courier or Interlink Express £5.50 (1kg to 25kg) standard delivery & £14.75 for requested 24hr delivery (Mon-Fri)
Scottish Highlands, Rep. of Ireland & Ch. Island Europe over 1k post codes £14.75.
Courier Service to Northern Ireland £14.75.
Price correct at time of webshop launch.

(Please note slight delays can sometimes be expected after at busy times due to the nature of our business and that of the couriers business. All orders are blended to order. Any orders made on any given day won't be processed until the following day.)

Please note all lost/stolen deliveries must be reported to us within 14 days of the order date so we can claim against the loss.

*Please note ANY deliveries to non-mainland UK (Scottish Highlands) or a BFPO address is NOT classed as UK mainland by Yodel and an alternative service may have to be sourced for such consignments

International Shipping
Delivery Prices to Europe will be checked at time of order and advised to the customer. Please see the shipping options page within the checkout to see if your country is available. If you feel we should deliver to another country which is not listed please contact us and let us know.

The current shipping options available to International customers are:

International Airmail (Recorded)

This is the cheapest insured method of having your goods sent internationally. The maximum compensation for loss/damage is £30. All items must be signed for. Deliveries are made typically within 7 days, but can take up to 28. The maximum weight that can be sent with this service is 1.8kg.

Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed, International Tracked or International Signed.

International ParcelForce 
For the quickest delivery possible we can send your order via ParcelForce International. Your order will be fully insured against loss or damage and delivered within 3-4 working days. A signature is required on delivery. Please note we take no responsibility for any custom fees or problems with your products being seized by customs. You order at your own risk. 

Saturday delivery subject to current prices and will be charged to your paymet card if you require this service.

Packaging Details
All ingredients/supplements are supplied either in tamper proof wide-neck containers or pouches - ideal for sports supplements as they are extremely easy to access and can be clicked shut to make them airtight - or bagged in food-grade plastic bags and sealed & boxed. When ordering you have the choice of which packaging you would prefer.

All product images are of the tubs we use. Dependent on the size of your order we may use different styled tubs, but they are all the same high quality and suitable for food usage. 

Some items may be hygroscopic and this may cause 'clumping' during shipment. This does not affect the efficiency of the product, just the texture/appearance.

All deliveries are then packaged in custom made cardboard boxes to ensure your order arrives to you in perfect condition.

Our Returns Policy
Any issues with the order must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the product. 
No unauthorised returns. 
No returns on products that have been opened. 
No shipping charges will be refunded. 
Any damaged product must be received by us before we can release any credit or product(s) reshipment. 
All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee (this does not include damaged goods). 
Any orders returned to us because we were supplied insufficient address details are subject to a £5 re-delivery charge. 
None of the above affect your statutory rights.