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Ultimate Nutrition Book for All Sports, revised & updated by Arthur Fairhurst. Complete coverage of basic and advanced nutrition.

Alprazolam Buy

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£ 25.99

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All cards and Paypal accepted
All cards and Paypal accepted

Buy Alprazolam Pills, Best Site To Order Xanax Online

We have now received the first batch of the revised Limited Edition book, Ultimate Nutrition for All Sports.

Owing to the great demand for the Limited Edition of the book Ultimate Nutrition for All Sports, most of the Limited Edition has now been pre-sold. Each copy has been signed by Arthur Fairhurst with the addition of a special Seal on the front cover to prove that each copy is of the Limited Edition, which will make it a cherished and valuable copy for the future.

It is interesting to note that original copies of the book Ultimate Nutrition, which sold in its many thousands, are now being sold on E-Bay for £50 or more.
The book Ultimate Nutrition for All Sports is recognised as ‘The Bible’ on Sports Nutrition by many thousands of bodybuilders and sports people from around the World.

It is written in layman’s language and simple to understand. It is absolutely imperative that any bodybuilder or sports person who wants to succeed in their chosen sport must have a sound knowledge of sports nutrition.

The book Ultimate Nutrition for All Sports covers everything you will possibly ever need to know on sports nutrition. The information in this remarkable book on sports nutrition will save you years of searching in the dark.

Don’t delay, don’t be disappointed. The Limited Edition of the book Ultimate Nutrition for All Sports is almost sold out. Order your Limited Edition copy now £25.99.

292 pages - complete coverage of basic and advanced nutrition. Including drugs in sport.

A must have for all bodybuilders and sports persons.