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Ultimate Nutrition

Food & Sports Supplements Suppliers since 1978

The launch of The Book titled 'Ultimate Nutrition' (written by Arthur Fairhurst & Bernard Beverley) made Ultimate Nutrition a household name among sports people in the UK.

The Book - Ultimate Nutrition (1.5 million sold) deals with Diet, Training, Nutrition and Steroids, and now Ultimate Nutrition offer you a great and easy way to buy these wonderful products, online!

Ultimate Nutrition Products

Innovative nutritional products such as Professional Weight Gain Powders, Professional Whey Isolates and Professional Energy products proved very successful, providing everything a sportsperson requires.We continue to research and develop the best (all natural) products with a team of chemists and scientists worldwide.

Recognise our famous products such as:

  • Herbal Products
  • Glucosamine 1000mg
  • Organic Aloe Vera
  • Phase 2

Ultimate Nutrition manufacture our own products, in a state of the art Manufacturing Suite. Only the highest grade of raw materials are used in the The Ultimate Nutrition Product Range.

Weight Loss

Our new product 'Phase 2' lets you lose weigth without changing your diet. More on this soon!


Ultimate Nutrition are a UK based company selling great food and sports products to the world.

You can buy our products online here.


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